What to do when I feel sad upset and depressed for no reason ?

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May Be You Have Missed One (1) Important Ingredient of Life Happiness Recipe!

These words might come to your mind :

I am pursuing happiness, but no positive results are shown! 

“Despite that, I have everything I need I still feel there is something missed, and I do not feel happy!”

Are You This Person?

You might be a rich person (or with a good financial state), who gets everything he/she wants and lives in a comfortable environment including a supportive family, and nothing is missed. However, you have that kind of sadness or stress and you do not know why. You have asked yourself many times and tried a lot looking for the reason/s behind this situation. You have done all the required tests in the hospital to find out the cause/s of your miserable feeling, all tests’ results were normal. 

In addition, you have taken all the prescribed medications (such as vitamins or anti-depression drugs) by your doctor to relieve this nasty sensation and still, nothing has been changed! You have the continuous feeling of empty space in your heart or in your soul! Well, in this short blog we will clarify and try to answer this difficult question for you.

If you are this person, please continue reading, {if not, also please continue reading, Just Kidding :)}

What do we need to be happy?

Main 7 essentials that are needed for a happy life:

  1. Money.
  2. Good Health.
  3. Supportive Family.
  4. Sincere friends.
  5. Satisfaction and contentment of your work.
  6. Self-confidence and self-loving.
  7. …….. (will leave this point blank because many people think it is not included in this list!, however, it is the main and basic thing that you need for sure)

You might have the first six essentials mentioned above but still asking yourself: why am I not happy!

Many people think that the real happiness in this life is to have money and be a rich person, however, when they reach this goal, they discover that they were wrong! This can be proven by the rich and famous people who have committed suicide. Why have they done that while they have everything they need? Basically, they decided to end their lives because they do not enjoy it!

This is because, in addition to the 6 essentials mentioned above we need one more ingredient to complete the happiness recipe! It is the spiritual power that is required to flourish your soul. 

What is Spiritual Power (The 7th Essential to achieve happiness): 

Spiritual power is the energy that we need to have full satisfaction in our life. Having a luxurious life is not enough at all to live in real happiness. You have a soul that requires its special type of nutrition to thrive and be alive.

How To find the Spiritual power? How can I fill this empty space in my heart?

Well, here is the answer:

It is ONLY one method that does NOT require any money or big effort from you! Just do it and see what will happen:

This method, you might:

  1. never use before,
  2. You might forget it, or
  3. You might not believe in it!

Nevertheless, you should do it, then you can decide to continue or not, and remember it is FREE and EASY to do. Thus, if you are really looking for a way to reach the happiness, and comfort that you seek for a long time, you should not miss that. It is Your Choice!

Your Empty Space Need to be filled up with this:

Have you ever prayed to “Allah” (The God)? Do you know how to pray? Have you ever said, “God, Please Guide Me”?

Find your way to your Lord. Do it and see the apparent change in your life. You will get that feeling of rest and comfort and that kind of sense which could not be explained by words. 

Please, do not miss doing it, you can do it!

Conclusion : 

To sum up, being sad, stressed, upset, or depressed could be due to many reasons. However, when you are surrounded by a perfect environment with good health, but you do not know the cause behind this feeling, it becomes more stressful. Therefore, you need to nourish your soul by finding your way to your Lord “Allah”. We promise you, after you return back to your Lord, you will feel greatly better! Be brave and just Do it!

REMEMBER: It is Your Choice!

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